Offering premiere web design, promotion, traffic analysis, training and support services to clients at such an affordable rate keeps LK & Associates very busy. We’re a small team with huge capabilities. If you’re serious about your project and want the best team possible to develop it, then contact us. 252-449-8830

If your goals are to increase your phone, mail or email-based sales by providing an interactive web site that features your products and services, then LK & Associates can help you gain the competitive edge required. LK & Associates analyzes your competition, listens to your goals and becomes the catalyst for sales and brand recognition – whatever your commercial arena may be.

To compliment our premium design services we offer:

Domain name search and selection: Having trouble coming up with a good name for your site? We will come up with a list of names that we think would be great for your company and you can simply choose one or more. This service is FREE with the purchase of a site.Image scanning: We can scan existing art work like photos, logos, ads and even retouch an old or bad photo.

Customized CGI and Java scripts: Interested in adding scripts for your various forms, message boards, and searches?

GIF Animation: Add interest and action to any site.

Mouse-Overs: looking for a little extra punch? Mouse overs allow the images to change when the user rolls over or clicks on certain graphics. This make sites more interactive and fun to use.

MP3: For adding CD quality sound to your web site MP3 is tops. Keep in mind this takes some space to store.

Real Audio™/Real Video™ and/or Quicktime™ audio/movies: Adding video is a great addition to any site but we do require original or master recordings for best quality and video streaming needs to be supported by your ISP. Again this takes up a lot of space on your site.

Macromedia Flash: Flash is great for adding audio, video and other cool stuff. That will become a faster loading site. This kind of development does not come cheap.

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